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The ophthalmology unit at the Department of Surgical sciences is responsible for the academic activity of ophthalmology at Uppsala university. The academic activity is directly associated with the ophthalmology hospital care at the Ophthalmology, Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset).


The ophthalmology unit was founded as the Dept. of Ophthalmology by professor Alvar Gullstrand who was the first chair of ophthalmology at Uppsala University, appointed in 1894. Allvar Gullstrand was in 1911 awarded the Noble prize in medicine and physiology for his work on the optics of the eye. Alvar Gullstrand, in 1914 was appointed a personal professorship in physical and physiological optics. Professor e.m. Albert Alm, in close collaboration with the Uppsala company Pharmacia Ophthalmics, directed the clinical development of latanoprost, the first molecule in a new generation of drugs for reduction of intraocular pressure, that now is a market leader in many parts of the world. Professor e.m. Gerd Holmström was one of the founders of the Swedish Retinopathy of prematurity register. Results from Gerds Holmström's research group has contributed to protocols for clinical follow up of retinopathy of prematurity internationally.

List of previous professors of ophthalmology at Uppsala university



240617 (Per Söderberg) Thomas Cosby best clinical tutor autumn 2024

Thomas Cosby was nominated and selected by the medical students as best clinical tutor in the medical education at Uppsala University during the autumn half-year 2024.

Congratulations Thomas!


240112 (Per Söderberg) Elisabet Granstam adjunct university lecturer, Dept. of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala University

Elisabet Granstam was appointed adjuct university lecturer, Dept. of Surcal sciences, Uppsala University, starting 23-12-01.


Congratulations Elisabet!


23-11-30 (Per Söderberg) Sandra Aurell defended her licenciate thesis

Sandra Aurell defended her licenciate thesis entitled

Wet AMD: aspects on diagnosis and treatment.
November 30th with excellence

For details, see Link

Congratulations Sandra!


23-11-20 (Per Söderberg) Evangelia Ntoula passed her half time control

Evangelia Ntoula passed the half time control presentation on her project PhD-project entitled

Ophthalmological findings in infants and children with non syndromic craniosynostosis.
November 20th
with excellence.

Congratulations Evangelia



The ophthalmology unit has research projects in several of the subspecialities of ophthalmology with a focus on clinical glaucoma research, pediatric ophthalmology, cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, diagnosis and medical treatment of retinal disease, and interaction of ultraviolett, visible and infrared radiation and the eye. The methodology spans from experimental research in the Gullstrand lab to applied clinical research in the ophthalmology clinic at Akademiska sjukhuset, with collaborations in USA, and Germany.


The ophthalmology unit is responsible for the undergraduate teaching of ophthalmology to:
- The MD-program, including 2 courses per year of totally around 200 students
The unit is also responsible for organizing courses on
- Physiological optics
- Pediatric ophthalmology
in the Swedish national residency program